Dillo continues to explore the interplay between light and material in her recent Emergence Series. These works of paper are essentialized "drawings." Marks are made by incising thick watercolor paper with various styles of X-acto knife blades. The blade is either pushed into or pulled across the surface of the paper to create all-over patterning. The patterns encourage the eye to move from the whole, to the particular, and back to the whole again. The incised paper catches the light from above, creating a play of light and shadow on the newly three-dimensionalized surface. The density of pattern in some works seem to almost vibrate when viewed for a longer period of time. These pieces are intimate; they require the viewer to come close to see the play of light and shadow, form and pattern emerge from the empty plane of the white paper.

When in the porfolio, click each image to zoom in to see the pattens in closer detail.